Celebrating Creativity: Highlights from the 2024 Dowdell Earth Day Art Contest

We are thrilled to share the fantastic results of the 2024 Dowdell Earth Day Art Contest! This annual event showcases the incredible artistic talents of young students from our local schools, celebrating both creativity and environmental awareness.

Dowdell Earth Day Art Contest Overview:

The Dowdell Public Utility District has once again brought together young artists from Schultz Elementary, Mahaffey Elementary, and Bernshausen Elementary to compete in this year’s Earth Day Art Contest. We saw outstanding participation and inspiring artworks that reflect the students’ commitment to environmental conservation.

Special Thanks:

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all the participants, their families, and our dedicated judges: Ms. Laura Schmidt, Mrs. Tracy Schmidt, Ms. Emma Schmidt, and Dr. Wendy Sera. A special thanks to Ms. Flora Mamo for capturing the memorable moments of the awards night.

School Highlights:

  • Schultz Elementary: The Soaring Eagles showed impressive talent, with Anthony Benitez, a home schooler, earning the title of District Grand Champion.
  • Mahaffey Elementary: The Plaid Proud participants, led by Crystal Pineda, showcased their dedication to artistic excellence.
  • Bernshausen Elementary: The Brave Bengals, including Abigail Lambert, displayed creativity and a strong sense of community.

We are especially proud of the overall school champions from each participating school and the district winners:

  • District Grand Champion: Anthony Benitez (Schultz Elementary)
  • District 2nd Place: Abigail Lambert (Bernshausen Elementary)
  • District 3rd Place: Crystal Pineda (Mahaffey Elementary)

We invite you to view the detailed results and the beautiful artworks created by these talented students in the full PDF here.

Thank you to everyone who supported the 2024 Dowdell Earth Day Art Contest. If you have any questions, please contact A. Copony, the Dowdell Public Utility District Arts Contest Coordinator, at acopony@dowdellpud.info.

Let’s continue to nurture creativity and environmental consciousness in our community!